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Aros Lower Waterfalls, Isle of Mull, Scotland

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14 May 2023


These waterfalls are in Aros Park near Tobermory, Isle of Mull. To reach them, park in the car park in the middle of the park then follow the track to the Lower Falls.

For this image, I had trouble with the windy conditions that were causing the leaves to blow around, and hence become very blurred with the slow shutter speed needed for the waterfall. My solution was to combine two images, one with a slow shutter speed and low ISO for the waterfall effect and the other with a much higher shutter speed which required a greatly increased ISO. Perhaps it would have been better to remove the ND filter to avoid the need for a high ISO, but in doing so I suspect the camera would have moved given my screw in filter. Something to bear in mind for the future, perhaps?


Canon EOS R5 & EF 24-70mm f4 L lens (tripod mounted) with ND 64 filter 

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