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Gallery of selected bird pics


Black Grouse Red-necked Grebe Slavonian Grebe Black necked Grebe
Red-tailed Tropicbird White necked Jacobin Water Rail Red Crowned Crane Whooping Crane
Houbara Bustard Purple Crested Turaco Yellow-eyed Penguin Wandering Albatross
Mottled Petrel Glossy Ibis Green Heron Egrets
Brown Pelican Dotterel Little Stint Pectoral Sandpiper Snipe in the snow!
Greenshank White-naped Tern Puffin Barn Owl
Hawk Owl Short eared Owl Short-eared Owl Ural Owl Blakistons Fish Owl
Fish Eagle Stellers Sea Eagle Rainbow Beeeater Azure Kingfisher Hobby
Orange Winged Parrot Pied Flycatcher Superb Fairy Wren Crested Tit
Southern Double-collared Sunbird Red-backed Shrike Red-backed Shrike Hawfinch


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