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Hawk Owl

Hawk Owl

Kemi region, Finland, 22 May 2010
EOS 50D & 400mmf4DO+x1.4TC. 1/3200 sec f5.6 ISO 800

Hawk Owl is one of those ultimate birds that had been near the top of my most wanted list for many years. In autumn 2009, I finally decided it was time to try to connect with one, so booked on a Finnature owling excursion for the following May, which is described in my trip report. With great good fortune over the weather that (early!) morning, the bird cooperated reasonably, given the limited time we had available on site. It was perched high up in a tree in the middle of a clearing, and permitted a gradual approach more or less to the base of the tree. This photo was hand held, as I had made the mistake of leaving my wife with the 'scope & tripod! But I did my very best to keep the lens still and used ISO 800 to get the shutter speed as high as possible. Of the many shots I took, those with the bird looking directly at me, like this one, were the most effective.

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