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Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Shernbourne, Norfolk, UK. 27 February 2016
EOS 7D mk II & 400mmf4DO + x1.4TC. 1/40 sec f5.6 ISO 3200

Heading north up the Kings Lynn to Hunstanton road, the SatNav kept on trying to lure us off inland. We resisted its first couple of attempts but found ourselves following it for some strange reason on its third go!   In the first village we came to, the wife drove straight past a Barn Owl perched on a 30mph sign, which I missed completely. When she remarked on this, I got her to turn round and ran to the boot to unpack the lens – whereupon the owl flew up the road towards me before quickly disappearing! However it was dusk and the camera was on the wrong setting so the shots were hopelessly blurred.  

So I got back in the car, and the wife again set off driving in the wrong direction trying to find somewhere to turn around. Around the first bend to our amazement, there was the owl again, this time sitting on a post right by the left side of the road. The wife eased the car forward until I could get the lens onto it, and then switched off the engine. I nudged the ISO up to 3200, rested the lens on the wing mirror and then proceeded to get a sequence of frame filling shots at 1/40sec exposure time. Most of the time it was facing away but just once it briefly turned fully to face us – allowing me to take a burst of about 10 shots. Bingo! Very shortly afterwards, a group of cyclists thundered by and off went the owl for good this time.

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