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Oxon bird Pics Summer 2006

  Buzard, Kingston Lisle, Oxon

15 July 2006

One of my better flight shots

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  Lapwing, Shellingford Pit, Oxon

1 July 2006

A closer shot.

  Lapwing, Shellingford Pit, Oxon

17 June 2006

  Swift, Home, Oxon

10 June 2006

  Pheasant, Kingston Lisle, Oxon

10 June 2006

"Car hide" shot - by road!

  Sand Martin, Shellingford Pit, Oxon

3 June 2006

Flight shots of small, fast flying birds are not easy even with a DSLR, for a beginner anyway. The best of many attempts!

  Woodpigeon, Wantage, Oxon

3 June 2006

Unlike digiscoping, flight shots are at least feasible with a DSLR, but need plenty of practice.

Goldfind and Whitethroat, Wantage, Oxon

3 June 2006

Getting close enough to small passerines for DSLR is a challenge outside the garden. These two benefited from the x1.4 converter.

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