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Oxon Bird Pics Spring/Summer 2009

  Hobby, Oxon

22 August 2009

And another one at a similar distance.

  Hobby 1 Emperor dragonfly 0

15 August 2009

Shortly before this shot was taken, this bird or its mate took an Emperor dragonfly in mid flight, at a distance of about 5m from me (and at only about 1m above the water)!

Unfortunately, I had been intent on trying to take flight shots of the Emperor (unsuccessfully as usual), until it abruptly vanished from right in front me! Only then did I realise Hobbies were around..

 Wheatear Wheatear, Farmoor

8 August 2009

Some sun at last!

This bird was on the east of F1, by the waterworks.

Present this morning were 4 Dunlin, 1 Wheatear, 1-2 Yellow Wagtails and apparently the juv Redstart.

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Wheatear, Farmoor

8 August 2009

Moved to the causeway.

 Dunlin Dunlin, Farmoor

8 August 2009

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  Little Ringed Plover, Farmoor

1 August 2009

Taken with my new EOS50D and the 400mm f4 DO with x1.4TC, just after a very heavy passing shower! Also today were Yellow Legged Gull, Common Sandpiper (2) and a Hobby.

Apparently the Redstart has been present for almost a week, and was last seen on Friday, so it could still be around.

 Turtle Dove (click to enlarge) Turtle Dove, Otmoor

11 July 2009

Unlike most of its kind, this bird was surprisingly obliging.

Some compensation for two prolonged and unsuccessful stints trying to see the Marsh Warbler!

Click pic to enlarge.

  Common Tern, Otmoor

30 May 2009

On a convenient perch from the first blind.

  Juvenile Robin, Home

25 May 2009

Appeared while the Blue Tits were around - see below.

   Juvenile Blue Tit, Home

25 May 2009

Hopping around in the garden having fledged from next door's nest box.


Sedge Warbler, Otmoor

9 May 2009

A rare view of one out in the open & reasonably close.

 Wheatear Female Wheatear, Farmoor

25 April 2009

An obliging bird on the causeway. Otherwise disturbingly quiet, at what should the peak of the spring migration.

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Female Wheatear, Farmoor

25 April 2009

Same bird as above, a little closer and with the sun out, but a less imposing stance.

 Lapwing Lapwing

18 April 2009

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18 April 2009

 Yellow Wagtail Yellow Wagtail

18 April 2009

Managed to get quite close to this one, for a change!

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Yellow Wagtail

18 April 2009

Same bird, a bit further away. Caught in mid "seep"!

 Red Kite (click to enlarge) Red Kite, Watlington

13 April 2009

One of an amazing number soaring over the village this afternoon. This one definitely had its eye on me!

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  Little Gull, Famoor

11 April 2009

In addition to this immature, earlier today there was an adult as well. Also 2 Common Terns and various hirundines. Not very spring like weather though!

Little Gull, Famoor

11 April 2009

  Barn Owl, Pinkhill, Famoor

11 April 2009

From the hide. Again out in daylight, and somewhat distant. But amore pleasing pose than below.

  Ring Ouzel, Linkey Down, Chilterns

10 April 2009

Another somewhat distant and none too sharp pic of this wary species. Taken while it was raining.

Great crested Grebe Great Crested Grebe, River Thames at Farmoor

21 March 2009

A quite confiding bird fishing on the river at Pinkhill.

This wasn't quite the sharpest pic, but captured the reflection best.

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All pictures copyright Stephen Burch

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