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Oxon bird Pics Spring 2006

  juv Starling, my garden

26 May 2006

One of a hugh number that has suddenly appeared!

  female Whitethroat, my garden

11 May 2006

A surprising visitor to the garden. Again a DSLR pic.

  Goldfinch, my garden

11 May 2006

First reasonable pic with my new toy! - a DSLR (Canon EOS 350 D + EF 400 mm f5.6 lens, with 1.4x converter).

  Common Tern, Farmoor Reservoir

29 April 2006

Obligingly perched close to causeway

  Blue Headed Wagtail, Farmoor Reservoir

22 April 2006

Less obliging than the one below, and much duller conditions.

  Yellow Wagtail, Farmoor Reservoir

9 April 2006

One of several - this allowed a reasonably close, stealthy approach

  Knot, Farmoor Reservoir

9 April 2006

A tame individual on the causeway

  Great Crested Grebe, Pinkhill, Farmoor Reservoir

9 April 2006

  Redshank, Pinkhill, Farmoor Reservoir

25 March 2006

Spring seems to be coming at last!

All pictures copyright Stephen Burch