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Oxon bird Pics Spring/Summer 2005

  Juv. Dunlin, Shellingford Pit, Oxon

21 August 2005

An amazingly tame individual.

  Greenshank in summer plumage, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

21 May 2005

The light background was a problem on this shot, but I have just discovered another feature of Photoshop - the Levels option which allows the darker areas to be lightened preferentially. Very useful for 'silhouette' shots like this one.

  Turnstone in summer plumage, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

7 May 2005

Really challenging conditions for this nice group of smart Turnstones & Dunlins - almost gale force winds and annoying disturbance from wind-surfers! But I got lucky and managed this close range shot from the shelter of the huts on the causeway, using them almost as a hide. Shame about the bird behind, though...

  White Wagtail, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

17April 2005

One of several birds on the causeway. There were only 1-2 of the more photogenic Yellow Wags and they were not being cooperative for the camera!

 Little Ringed Plover Little Ringed Plover, Oxon

2 April 2005

Managed to get close to this bird - gradually moving forward in stages seems to work well for quite a few species.

 Garganey, Farmoor Reservoir Garganey, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

2 April 2005

This was a very obliging tame bird, but taking pics was very difficult in the wind and with a strong swell!

Waxwing Waxwing, Culham Science Centre, Oxon

2 April 2005

At last a sunny day with some reasonably obliging Waxwings in a relatively undisturbed location!

But even today, I found pin-sharp pictures difficult to come by - these are the best 5 of over 200 I took! I'm playing with the continuous shutter option on the CP4500 now - it certainly fills up memory cards quickly!

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As above
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