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Oxon bird Pics November 2004 to March 2005

 Great Grey Shrike  Great Grey Shrike (yawning?) Great Grey Shrike, Yarnton, Oxon

20 March 2005

Again a sunny day. Unlike many G G S's, this one was actually present when I arrived but allowed only a few distant shots in the late afternoon light, before flying off.
 Redshank Redshank, Pinkhill, Farmoor Res, Oxon

19 March 2005

Warm sunny day. When feeding this bird never stopped moving, and this was the only half reasonable shot I got.

 White fronted Goose White fronted Goose, north of Day's Lock, Oxon

5 March 2005

See below for comment.

White fronted Geese White fronted Geese, north of Day's Lock, Oxon

5 March 2005

Two of the four present. These birds were with Canada Geese, and allowed such close approach that I wondered how wild they actually were!

 Reed Bunting Reed Bunting, Lashford Lane Fen, Oxon

5 March 2005

No chance of a photo of the Water Rail which appeared for less than 10 sec after a wait of 3/4hr! But the birds on the feeders were a bit more obliging and very close for the 'scope.

 Waxwing Waxwing, Henley on Thames, Oxon

26 February 2005

This party of 70+ which I eventually tracked down was a superb sight for Oxfordshire! But the poor light made for difficult digiscoping..

More Waxwing, Henley on Thames, Oxon

26 February 2005

See above

Yet more Waxwing, Henley on Thames, Oxon

26 February 2005

See above

 Bewick's Swans Bewick's Swan, Kelmscott, Oxon

20 February 2005

One of a party of four in almost identical location to last winter's Whoopers!

Bewick's Swans Bewick's Swans, Kelmscott, Oxon

20 February 2005

As above

 Smew Glaucous Gull  LEFT: Smew, Radley Gravel pits 8 Jan 05

RIGHT: Glaucous Gull, Dix Pit, 5 Feb 05.

When shown small these distant record shots don't look too bad!

 Ring necked Duck Ring Necked Duck, Oxlease Lake, Lower Windrush Valley Gravel Pits, Oxon

18 December 2004

Last week I missed this bird for some reason, but today there were no such problems - spotted within a few minutes of arriving. Good pics were difficult because it hardly ever stopped moving.

 Stonechat Stonechat, Otmoor Oxon

14 November 2004

A sunny day didn't tempt the Bearded Tits out for me (second time unlucky) but there was some compensation in the form of this beautiful male Stonechat which was briefly obliging.

 Teal Teal, Pinkhill, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxon

13 November 2004

Nice bright day for once!

Merlin Merlin, Otmoor, Oxon

6 November 2004

This was a very distant shot in poor light. I turned the 'scope mag up to almost max (x60) and was surprised to get even this half reasonable result.

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