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2019 Dragonfly and Damselfly News for Oxfordshire

This page gives recent items of news about dragonflies and damselflies in the whole of Oxfordshire, with the aim of increasing interest and awareness in these charismatic insects in the County.

If you see any interesting dragonflies in the County, please let me know, and I will endeavour to post promptly on this page. Please send these to me at stephen_burchemail at (change "at" for "@").

Minimum required details are species, site and observer. If the species is localised, scarce or rare in Oxfordshire, if possible please provide some details to confirm the identification (such as a photo, previous experience of the species etc). All entries will be acknowledged. For those with websites, I will add a link if requested.

If you'd like to send a photo to illustrate your sighting(s) on this page, I'd be happy to add it below.

It would be most convenient if you could re-size any photographs to a horizontal resolution of 640 pixels, to match the others on this page.

See also my site guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of Oxfordshire, and also an illustrated list of all the dragonflies and damselflies recorded in Oxfordshire, with comments on abundance and distribution.

The recording method preferred by the British Dragonfly Society is the iRecord on-line recording system. To use this you will need to have an account, but this has the advantage that records submitted via iRecord go directly into the correct database.

As I am the BDS recorder for Vice County 23 (old Oxfordshire, prior to the 1974 county boundary changes), I will automatically be asked to verify any VC23 records entered into iRecord.

However if your iRecord entries relate to those parts of current Oxfordshire that used to be Berkshire (generally areas to the south of the Thames) I will not hear about them, as the Berkshire recorder (for VC22) will be notified of them, not me. As this web page is intended to cover the whole of current Oxfordshire, please let me know if you submit any records for VC22 to iRecord.

News for previous years is available:

Date Species Site and details Observer

Southern Hawker (c) David Hastings
17 August 1 Southern Hawker Farmoor Reservoir David Hastings
17 August 1 Emperor, 2 Migrant Hawker, 2 Brown Hawker, 10+ Common Darter, 1 Ruddy Darter, 1 Blue tailed Damselfly Littleworth Stephen Burch

Migrant Hawker (c) Stephen Burch
17 August Migrant Hawker, Brown Hawker, Emperor, Common Darter Shrike Meadow, Farmoor Stephen Burch

Small Red-eyed Damselfly (c) N Devine

Migrant Hawker (female) (c) N Devine

Southern Hawker (c) N Devine
13 August 1 Small Red-eyed Damselfly, 1 Emerald Damselfly, Migrant and Southern Hawkers, Common/Ruddy Darters. Trap Grounds N Devine
12 August Common Blue Damselfly 1, Southern Hawker 2, Migrant Hawker 2, Common Darter 1, Ruddy Darter 11. Otmoor David Hastings
8 August Common Blue Damselfly 3, Emperor Dragonfly 1, Southern Hawker 5, Brown Hawker 6, Common Darter 25, Ruddy Darter 17 (several pairs in cop). Otmoor David Hastings

Ruddy Darter (c) David Hastings

Southern Hawker (c) David Hastings
8 June Southern Hawker 2, Brown Hawker 1, Migrant Hawker 20 (2 feeding swarms), Common Darter 4, Ruddy Darter 2 Whitecross Green Wood David Hastings

Small red-eyed Damselfly (c) Stephen Burch [focus stacked] Click to enlarge
8 June Small Red-eyed Damselfly (100+), Common Blue & Blue-tailed Damsels. Emperor (1), Brown Hawker (1), Ruddy Darter (2) Faringdon Folly Park Pond Stephen Burch

Beautiful Demoiselle (c) Martin Green
5 August Beautiful Demoiselle (3m, 3f) Abingdon, River Ock near Tescos Martin Green

Brown Hawker (c) Stephen Burch. Click to enlarge
3 August Shrike Meadow: Brown Hawker 2; Emperor 1m, 1f; Migrant Hawker 1m; Four-spotted Chaser 1; Blue-tailed & Common Blue Damselflies.
Buckthorn Meadow: Emperor 1, Four-spotted Chaser 1.
Farmoor Meadows Stephen Burch
29 July Migrant Hawker Garden, Abingdon David Hastings
25 July Brown Hawker, Southern Hawker, Ruddy Darter Barton Pool, Abingdon Stephen Burch

Emperor (c) Stephen Burch (click to enlarge)
25 July Emerald Damselfly 1m, Red-eyed Damsel, Blue-tailed Damsel, Azure/Common Blue Damsel. Black-tailed Skimmer, Four Spotted Chaser, Ruddy Darter, Emperor 1m & 1f, Southern Hawker on approach road. Radley Lakes - Orchard Lake Stephen Burch

Emerald Damselfly (c) N Devine
23 July Emerald Damselfly (2m, 2f inc 1 tandem pair) Trap Grounds, Oxford N Devine
22 July MOD land: Brown Hawker 1, Emperor Dragonfly 3, Ruddy Darter 100+, Broad-bodied Chaser 1. Roman Road: Southern Hawker 2 Ruddy Darter 50+ Otmoor David Hastings

Emperor (c) Stephen Burch

Brown Hawker (c) Stephen Burch
20 July Emperor 1m, 3f ovipositing; Brown Hawker 2m; Four-spotted Chaser 1m; Black-tailed Skimmer 1m, 1f; Common Darter 1m. Common Blue Damsel, Blue-tailed Damsel Shrike Meadow, Farmoor Stephen Burch
18 July Keeled Skimmer 2m, 1f. Dry Sandford Pit Stephen Burch

Four-spotted Chaser (c) Stephen Burch
18 July Buckthorn: Emperor 2m, 1f, Blue-tailed Damsel, Common Blue Damsel
Shrike: Emperor 1m1f, Black-tailed Skimmer 1, Four spotted Chaser 1, Brown Hawker 1
River: Brown Hawker 1
Pinkhill: Emperor 1m, Four spotted Chaser 2+
Farmoor meadows Stephen Burch
16 July Emperor 1, Black-tailed Skimmer 2, Common Blue Damselfly 5m 1f , Blue-tailed Damselfly 5+, White-legged Damselfly 12m 3f, Banded Demoiselle 1m. Lamb's Pool BBOWT reserve Steve Holliday
16 July Brown Hawker 1,  Emperor 2+. Balscote Quarry BOS reserve Steve Holliday

Broad-bodied Chaser (c) Barry Hudson
15 July Broad Bodied Chaser 1m Challow Station  Barry Hudson

Southern Hawker (c) David Hastings
12 July Emperor Dragonfly 5, Southern Hawker 2, Brown Hawker 4, Black-tailed Skimmer 2, Ruddy Darter 8 Whitecross Green Wood David Hastings

Emerald Damselflies (c) N Devine
12 July 2 Emerald Damselfly (m,f) , Blue-tailed and Azure Damsels, 8+ Ruddy Darters, 2 Brown Hawkers, 2 Southern Hawker (1 ad, 1 teneral)  Trap Grounds N Devine

Emerald Damselfly (c) David Hastings

Ruddy Darter (c) David Hastings
11 July Common Blue Damselfly 50+, Red-eyed Damselfly 10, Blue-tailed Damselfly 30+ (several pairs in cop), Common Emerald Damselfly 5, Emperor Dragonfly 1, Brown Hawker 1 (I also found an exuvia), Black-tailed Skimmer 20+ (one pair in cop), Four-spotted Chaser 2, Ruddy Darter 30+ Orchard Lake, Radley David Hastings

Emperor (c) Stephen Burch

Common Darter [focus stacked] (c) Stephen Burch
11 July Small Red-eyed Damselfly 10+, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Four Spotted Chaser 2, Black-tailed Skimmer 2, Emperor 3+ (2m, 1f) Faringdon Folly Park Pond Stephen Burch

Common Blue Damselfly [focus stacked] (c) Stephen Burch
11 July Banded Demoiselle 2, Common Blue Damselfly (many), Black-tailed Skimmer 4+ Standlake Common Stephen Burch
10 July 1 Brown Hawker Milton Park -field to north Stephen Burch
9 July 1 Emperor (probably a site first) Milton Park -field to north (SU493924) Stephen Burch
8 July Brown Hawker 4, Ruddy Darter 20+, Beautiful Demoiselle 1 Otmoor (MOD land) David Hastings

2 of 3 emergent Southern Hawkers (c) N Devine
7 July 3 emergent Southern Hawkers Trap Grounds N Devine

Emerald Damselfly (c) N Devine
6 July  1f Emerald Damselfly Trap Grounds N Devine

Small Red Damselfly (c) David Hastings
4 July Broad-bodied Chaser 4, Keeled Skimmer 6, Southern Damselfly 5, Small Red Damselfly 1f Parsonage Moor David Hastings

Keeled Skimmer (c) David Hastings
4 July Common Blue Damselfly 1, Brown Hawker 1, Broad-bodied Chaser 1, Keeled Skimmer 5 (one was obelisking - see photo) Dry Sandford Pit David Hastings

Keeled Skimmer [focus stacked]. Click to enlarge (c) Stephen Burch
4 July 3m, 1f Keeled Skimmer (mating pair and ovipositing), 1m Broad-bodied Chaser, 10+ Southern Damselfly (inc mating pairs) Dry Sandford Pit Stephen Burch

Ruddy Darter (c) Stephen Burch
4 July 1f Emperor (ovipositing), 2 Southern Hawker exuviae, 3 Ruddy Darter, Common Blue Damselflies Trap Grounds Stephen Burch

Black-tailed Skimmer (c) Peter Law
4 July 3 Brown Hawker, 2 Southern Hawker, 5 Emperor, a teneral Black-tailed Skimmer, 2 teneral Ruddy Darter, more unidentified Darters and a female Beautiful Demoiselle Whitecross Green Wood Peter Law
4 July 1 Banded demoiselle, Common blue, Red eyed and Blue tailed Damselflies, 9 Emerald Damselflies (7 males 2 females inc a mating pair), 2 Downy Emeralds ( East end of Bullfield Lake), 6 Emperor dragonflies, 1 Brown Hawker, 10+ Black tailed skimmer, 8 Four spotted chaser, 10 Ruddy Darters Radley Lakes Wayne Bull

Emerald Damselfly (c) N Devine
2 July 1m Emerald Damselfly Trap Grounds N Devine

Southern Hawkers (c) N Devine

Broad-bodied Chaser (c) N Devine
29 & 30 June 1-2 Southern Hawker, 1 Broad-bodied Chaser, 1f Emerald Damselfly Trap Grounds N Devine

Southern Damselfly (c) David Hastings

Keeled Skimmer (c) David Hastings
28 June Southern Damselfly 2, Brown Hawker 1, Common Darter 1, Keeled Skimmer 1 Dry Sandford Pit  David Hastings

Four spotted Chaser (c) N Devine

Ruddy Darter (c) N Devine

Southern Hawker (c) N Devine
28 June 1 Southern Hawker, 2 Four spotted Chaser, 1m Ruddy Darter, 1+m  Emperor.  1 Large Red Damsel and many Azures and Blue-tailed Damselflied. Trap Grounds N Devine
27 June Banded Demoiselle 4, Blue-tailed Damselfly 1,  Common Blue Damselfly 200+, Brown Hawker 1, Emperor Dragonfly 1, Broad-bodied Chaser 1, Black-tailed Skimmer 6 Standlake Common David Hastings

 Ruddy Darter (c) N Devine
27 June 1 Ruddy Darter, 1 Black-tailed Skimmer, 1m Emperor and a possible Hairy Dragonfly Trap Grounds N Devine

White-legged Damselfly (c) John Bloomfield
22 June Banded Demoiselle (9), White-legged Damselfly (27 in total. 24 males, 1 female, and one pair in cop. Azure Damselfly (many), Blue-tailed Damselfly (many), Red-eyed Damselfly (3), Emperor Dragonfly (4: 3 males and one female laying), Four-spotted Dragonfly (12), Broad-bodied Chaser (1), Black-tailed Skimmer (3) Dater sp. Thames between Little Wittenham and Shillingford Bridge (SU588928) John Bloomfield

Ruddy Darter (c) David Hastings

Beautiful Demoiselle (c) David Hastings
22 June Beautiful Demoiselle 1, Emperor Dragonfly 1, Four-spotted Chaser 2, Broad-bodied Chaser 1, Black-tailed Skimmer 1, Ruddy Darter 1 Whitecross Green Wood David Hastings
22 June Beautiful Demoiselle 3, Broad-bodied Chaser 1 Waterperry Wood David Hastings

Southern Hawker - emergent with exuvia (c) N Devine
18 June Southern Hawker 2 emerging Trap Grounds N Devine
18 June Common Blue Damselfly Azure Damselfly Blue-tailed Damselfly Red-eyed Damselfly: 10+ Banded Demoiselle: 4 Emperor Dragonfly: 2 Broad-bodied Chaser: 1 Four-spotted Chaser: 3 Black-tailed Skimmer: 2 Barton Fields, Abingdon, to Orchard Lake David Hastings
16 June Common Blue and Azure Damselflies, Four-spotted Chaser 4 Otmoor David Hastings
16 June Black-tailed Skimmer 3, Hairy Hawker 1, Common Blue Damselflies Whitecross Green Wood David Hastings
15 June 1 Male Broad-bodied Chaser and 20+ Azure Damselflies  Otmoor Stephen Kill

Southern Damselfly (c) David Hastings
15 June Keeled Skimmer 1f, Southern Damselfly 2f Dry Sandford Pit David Hastings

Southern Damselfly [focus stacked] (c) Stephen Burch
14 June 5+ Southern Damselflies (3m + a tandem pair) Dry Sandford Pit Stephen Burch
9 June 1 Emperor, 2 Black-tailed Skimmer, Large Red Damselfly Whitecross Green Wood Stephen Kill

Hairy Dragonfly [focus stacked] (c) Stephen Burch. Click to enlarge
8 June Hairy Dragonfly 2, Four-spotted Chaser 1. Many Azure Damselflies  Otmoor (mainly Roman Road) Stephen Burch

Blue-tailed Damselfly (c) Peter Law
6 June 3 male, 1 female and 1 Teneral Black-tailed Skimmer, 6 Four-spotted Chaser, 1 teneral Broad-bodied Chaser, 2 Hairy Hawker and all the same damselflies as a day earlier Radley Lakes: along track between Orchard Lake and H/I pit  Peter Law
6 June 15+ Banded demoiselles, 4 Large red damsels, 10+ Red eyed damsels, 10+ Azure damsels, 6 Blue tailed damsels inc 2 each of "Violacea" & "Rufescens", 2 Hairy Dragonflies m&f (new site record), 1 Southern Hawker Iffley Meadows Wayne Bull

Teneral Common Blue Damselfly (c) Peter Law
5 June  Many Azure and Common Blue Damselflies, also Red-eyed and Blue tailed.  1 Four-spotted Chaser, 2 Hairy Hawker  Orchard Lake, Radley Peter Law
4 June Common Blue Damselfly dozens, Hairy Hawker 1, Beautiful Demoiselle: 1, Banded Demoiselle 5 Whitecross Green Wood David Hastings

Four-spotted Chaser (c) David Hastings
4 June Common Blue Damselfly hundreds, Hairy Hawker 2, Four-spotted Chaser 13, Broad-bodied Chaser: 3 Otmoor David Hastings

Hairy Dragonfly consuming a Ladybird (c) N Devine
2 June 1 Hairy Dragonfly, 1 Four-spotted Chaser 1 Emperor ovipositing. 3m & 1f Banded Demoiselle 1 1 Large Red Damselfly. Trap Grounds N Devine

Blue-tailed Damselfly (c) David Hastings
2 June Common Blue Damselfly 200+ Blue-tailed Damselfly 7 Red-eyed Damselfly 17 Banded Demoiselle 18 Downy Emerald 1 (at fishing pond) Four-spotted Chaser 7 Black-tailed Skimmer 7 (one pair in cop) Thames from Barton Fields to Orchard Lake. David Hastings
1 June Clubtail 1. Seen emerging over 1.5hrs Between Goring and the railway bridge. SU599798 Philip Tizzard [per iRecord]
1 June Downy Emerald 1. Also both male Beautiful & Banded demoiselles. Otmoor - bridleway half between cattle pens & bench. Jonathan Crouch

Black-tailed Skimmer (c) David Hastings
1 June 1 teneral Black-tailed Skimmer, 1 Banded Demoiselle and 2 Azure Damselflies. Railway embankment at Ardley Quarry D Hastings

Hairy Dragonfly (c) N Devine

Four spotted Chaser (c) N Devine

Azure Damselflies  (c) N Devine
1 June 2m Hairy Dragonflies, Four-spotted Chaser,  2 Large Red Damsels, Many blue damsels mating/ovipositing, 1m Banded Demoiselle Trap Grounds, Oxford N Devine
30 May 14 Banded Demoiselle, 40+ Azure Damselfly, 3 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 1 White-legged Damselfly and 1 Hairy Dragonfly (M). Thames between Little Wittenham and Shillingford Bridge (SU588928) John Bloomfield

White-legged Damselfly (c) Peter Law
30 May 1 Clubtail exuvia seen upstream from bridge in meadow. Teneral White-legged and Blue-tailed Damselfly in Little Meadow. Some adult Blue-tailed and a few Red-eyed Damselfly also present and many Banded Demoiselle. Goring Peter Law

Four-spotted Chaser (c) Stephen Burch
30 May Azure Damselfly 50+, Four-spotted Chaser 2. Faringdon Folly Park Pond Stephen Burch
30 May Shrike Meadow: Hairy Dragonfly 1m, Red-eyed Damselfly 1 cop. pair, Banded Demoiselle 1.
Buckthorn Meadow: Hairy Dragonfly 1m & 1f,
River Thames: Banded Demoiselle 50+, Azure Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly
Pinkhill: Four-spotted Chaser 2, Hairy Dragonfly 1m, Large Red Damselfly 1m
Thames at Farmoor Stephen Burch
27 May Banded Demoiselle 30+, Red eyed Damselfly 10+, Common Blue Damselfly 1. No sign of any Clubtails between Tadpole and Radcot Bridges! Just upstream from Rushey Lock Stephen Burch
27 May Clubtail. One female emerging from 0950-1100 weather sunny intervals temperature 15 C Goring Railway Bridge David Jenner
25 May  Broad-bodied chaser 2 males, 1 teneral; Azure damselfly, 3; Blue-tailed damselfly 1. Farm reservoir, Shutford Steve Holliday

Emergent Clubtail with deformed wings (c) Peter Law
24 May Clubtail - 1 failed emergent Goring Railway Bridge Peter Law
24 May Clubtail 1 exuvia, 1 adult Goring. Adult was upstream of bridge at SU60107958, exuvia at railway bridge. Nick Percival [per iRecord]
23 May Clubtail 2 newly emerged adults and an exuvia. Goring Railway Bridge Christopher Lamsdell [per iRecord]
23 May Downy Emerald at Thrupp Lake patrolling in the northwest corner.  Emperor 1f, Black-tailed Skimmer 2 (1m, 1 teneral),  a few Four-spotted Chasers, Broad-bodied chaser 1. Common Blue and Red-eyed Damselflies around the lakes Radley Lakes Brian Walker

Hairy Hawkers (c) Peter Law
23 May 4 mating pairs of Hairy Hawker and 3 more males, 4 Four-spotted Chaser, 2 Red-eyed Damselfly, a few Blue-tailed Damselfly, lots of other blue Damselflies and a few Banded Demoiselle Orchard Lake, Radley Lakes Peter Law

Variable Damselfly (c) Peter Law
23 May Several male Hairy hawker, 2 Downy Emerald, 1 Four-spotted Chaser, 2 confirmed Variable Damselfly, 2 Red-eyed Damselfly, a few Blue-tailed Damselfly, 1 Large Red Damselfly, many Azure and Common Blue Damselflies, many Banded Demoiselle. Barton Fields fishing pond Peter Law

Broad-bodied Chaser (c) Alan Dawson
22 May Broad-bodied Chaser, 1 imm male Cholsey Alan Dawson
22 May Clubtail. 3 exuviae below bridge Goring Railway Bridge Paul Parsons [per iRecord]

Beautiful Demoiselle male (c) N Devine
22 May Beautiful Demoiselle 1m,1f; Banded Demoiselle 1, Hairy Dragonfly 1 Trap Grounds N Devine

Beautiful Demoiselle - male (c) Jeremy Dexter

Beautiful Demoiselle - female (c) Jeremy Dexter
22 May Beautiful Demoiselle, 50+ River Cherwell in the Cutteslowe/Water Eaton area Jeremy Dexter

Banded Demoiselle (c) Martyn Butt
21 May Banded Demoiselle St. Marys field, Kidlington Martyn Butt
21 May Clubtail. 1 exuvia Sonning (west bank on Thames) Nick Percival

Hairy Dragonfly (c) Alan Dawson
20 May Hairy Dragonfly Cholsey Marsh Alan Dawson

Beautiful Demoiselle (female & male) (c) N Devine
20 May Beautiful Demoiselle 1m,1f Trap Grounds N Devine

Failed Clubtail emergence (c) Peter Law
19 May One Clubtail in flight and three exuviae and a failed emergence. Goring Railway Bridge Peter Law

Four-spotted Chaser (c) John Bloomfield
18 May Azure Damselflies 2, Blue-tailed Damselflies 8. Four-spotted Chaser 4 (all emerging) + 2 exuviae, Radley Lake (N shore) John Bloomfield

Beautiful Demoiselle (c) N Devine
18 May Beautiful Demoiselle 1m Trap Grounds N Devine
17 May Clubtail 1m Thames at Little Wittenham Brian Walker

Hairy Dragonfly (c) N Devine
16 May Hairy Dragonfly 1, Beautiful Demoiselle 1f, Plenty of Blue Damsels and Large Red Damselflies. Trap Grounds N Devine

Probable dark form female Variable Damselfly (c) David Hastings
16 May Common Blue Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Prob Variable Damselfly 1 (dark-form female?), Banded Demoiselle 8 Thames at Abingdon (around SU514969) David Hastings

Click to enlarge

Clubtail (c) Stephen Burch
16 May Clubtail 1 adult, Hairy Hawker 2+, Downy Emerald 1, Variable Damselfly 2+, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Red-eyed Damselfly. Also several Common Blue and Azure Damselflies, mostly teneral. Barton Field - fishing pond Stephen Burch

Clubtail exuvia (c) Stephen Burch
16 May Clubtail: 6 exuviae. But no sign of any adults. Also 5+ Banded Demoiselle between village and bridge Concrete wall below Goring Railway Bridge Stephen Burch
13 May 1 Clubtail Burcot India Wedge [per iRecord]
15 May 6 Hairy Hawker and a mating pair. North shore of Orchard Lake, Radley Peter Law

Variable Damselfly (c) Peter Law
14 May 2 Variable Damselfly, 2 m Hairy Hawker, 1 Downy Emerald, 1 teneral Broad-bodied Chaser, lots more Common Blue and Azure Damselflies, 1 Large Red Damselfly. Barton Fields. Fishing lake Peter Law
14 May Many Banded Demoiselle. Radley Lakes: area south of Orchard Lake then along towpath to Barton Fields. Peter Law

Large Red Damselfly (c) Stephen Kill

Banded Demoiselle (c) Stephen Kill
13 May Azure Damselfly 2+, Large Red Damselfly , 2+, and Banded Demoiselle, 1 male and 2 females Farmoor/river Thames Stephen Kill
13 May Many mostly teneral Common Blue Damselfly, with some Azure and one Blue-tailed Damselfly Radley Lakes: on track and bank between H/I Pit and Orchard Lake Peter Law
13 May 1 Beautiful Demoiselle Marsh Baldon Ben Carpenter
13 May Banded Demoiselle 12, Common Blue Damselfly c.10, Azure Damselfly c.5, Large Red Damselfly 3. River Thames at Farmoor David Hastings
12 May 2m & 1f Banded Demoiselle Thames between Little Wittenham and Shillingford Bridge (SU588928) John Bloomfield

Downy Emerald (c) Ben Carpenter
12 May 1 Downy Emerald Radley Lakes. SW of Thrupp Lake. Ben Carpenter

Downy Emerald (c) David Hastings
11 May Banded Demoiselle 2, Large Red Damselfly 1, Common Blue Damselfly 20+ (tenerals), Azure Damselfly 10+ (tenerals and mature), Downy Emerald 2 Along the Thames east of Barton Fields in Abingdon to Orchard Lake David Hastings
11 May 3 Banded Demoiselles River Thames at Farmoor Stephen Burch

Large Red Damselflies ovipositing (c) N Devine

Emergent damselfly (prob. Large Red) and exuvia
10 May 2 Large Red Damselflies tandem pair ovipositing. One emerging damselfly sp & exuvia (prob Large Red) Trap Grounds N Devine

Large Red Damselfly (c) Stephen Burch
10 May 1 teneral Large Red Damselfly and 5+ teneral Common Blue Damselflies Standlake Common (SP388023) Stephen Burch

Banded Demoiselle (c) David Hastings
1 May 2 Banded Demoiselles Farmoor David Hastings

Common Blue Damselfly (c) Peter Law
30 April Many teneral Common Blue Damselflies Radley GP Peter Law
Large Red Damselfly (c) David Hastings
30 April  2 Large Red Damselfly  Dry Sandford Pit  David Hastings 
28 April 1 Large Red Damselfly  Garden in Bicester, well away from water! Stephen Kill 

Hairy Dragonfly (c) Stephen Kill

Large Red Damselfly (c) Stephen Kill
28 April 1 Hairy Dragonfly and 1 Large Red Damselfly Otmoor - Roman Road Stephen Kill

Hairy Dragonfly (c) John Edwards
26 April 1 Hairy Dragonfly Otmoor - Bridleway John Edwards
22 April 1-2 Large Red Damselflies. First record of the new season! Otmoor - Roman Road Stephen Kill

All pictures copyright Stephen Burch, unless stated otherwise

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