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Welcome to my Damselfly and Dragonfly website!

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Migrant Hawker Shellingford Pit, Oxon NEW
Common Darter Shellingford Pit, Oxon NEW
Small Red-eyed Damselfly Shellingford Pit, Oxon
Southern Migrant Hawker Wat Tyler CP, Essex
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UK Species Index of photos



Hawkers  Hawkers
(10/10 British species)
Beautiful Demoiselle Demoiselles
Club-tailed, Golden-ringed, Emeralds, Chasers and Skimmers
Non blue damselflies Emeralds, White-legged & Red Damselflies
Darters Darters
Blue Damselflies Blue Damselflies

Note: The figures in brackets for each category are as follows. The first is the number of species with photographs within this index. The second is the total number of established breeding British species which might reasonably be found and photographed - i.e. excluding most rare vagrants and new arrivals.

On 22 June 2014 at Thompson Common in Norfolk, I accomplished my long term goal of obtaining images of all these species, by finding and photographing my first Scarce Emerald Damselflies. In 2015, I have been trying to improving on some of my existing photos, which go back to 2003, and managed to add Southern Migrant Hawker to my collection! In future, perhaps I will manage to connect with a few vagrants or new arrivals while improving others (most notably the elusive Northern Emerald)!

Chronological Index (UK & elsewhere) of photos
Migrant Hawker September 2007Ruddy Darter August 2007Lesser Emperor, Oxon, UK, August 2008
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